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DIY Computer AdviceInsearch 4 Answers is pleased to bring you DIY (Do it Yourself) Computer instructions, These instructions are simple instructions to help all ages. The questions were asked by everyday people and the problems where resolved through using these instructions, by those same everyday people.

Each document has been personally written, and provided to many of my past customers for $5-$25. Then re-written as a Generic Answer which includes simple steps to achieve the answers to many questions.

The current understanding I offer to all of my customers is the same as the past, I re-use my answer to you to help others solve their problems as well. The charge is than changed to $2.99 for each document posted. Some Documents  involve very detailed instructions, and some may only be a sentence or two, depending on the question.

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I encourage people to use the form below for specific questions, These are not the $2.99 Answers, but, there will be a $5.00- $25.00 charge depending on the severity of the question.

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I Reserve the right to post the document to this site for future help to other people, if it can be useful, at the $2.99 price. This will solve your problem and help others repair theirs as well. If I am not able to fix your problem I will send you a refund,
All $2.99 documents are buy at your own risk, and sells are final. Please make sure that when you Request the information you are seeking, to USE the Add to cart link.
Please note as well, even though the documents have been successful, You assume all of the risk. Since you are dealing with the hardware and software, you must understand that if you make a error in your repair, it is solely your responsibility.

All rights reserved and Certain Copyright Laws are in effect, These documents are to be used only by you and not to be passed on or posted elsewhere. No one can re-use these documents without written permission. You must be 18 years of age or older to use this site.


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Removing Unwanted Programs from My Computer... 

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Removing Unwanted Programs from My Computer... 


Removing Programs from my computer startup.

Sound won't work on my Computer.

Restoring  XP.

Repairing XP.

Format and Reinstalling XP.

Continues to boot to Safe Mode.

Computer won't go into Safe Mode, F8 won't work.

Password Reset XP Link.

My Suggestion on the best Virus Protection... and the software is FREE!!!

My Suggestion on the best Spyware/Malware Protection... and the software is FREE!!!

Transfer files, music, pictures from one computer to another.

Transferring Programs from one computer to another.

 Why is my computer running slow, and how to fix it?

How to Login automatically?

Enable the Welcome Screen or using the Fast User Switching.

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Password Reset Vista Link

Repairing Vista Link

Complete format and install of Vista Link

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Miscellaneous Repairs
Password Reset  Longhorn Link.
Password Reset  2003 Link.
Password Reset  2000 Link.
Password Reset  NT Link.
Bios Password Reset Link.

Reset Bios... All machines in most cases.

Alternative to the Office products like, Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, and so on. FREE LEGAL SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD... Over $300 savings
Changing the homepage on IE.

Been Hijacked by a Virus, Malware or Spyware.

Getting space recovered on your full harddrive.

Cleaning Temp, History, and Cookies for IE.


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