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Bad NEWS: The free link to Penn Foster Answers, that was completely FREE is no longer up and running.

I still have a Pay-Per-Test site though. I have personally purchased by random, 2 of their tests for validation of this site. I received both tests I paid for.

I have also found a additional 3 links to a few more paysites that have Penn Foster answers. I will add these links as well. With these additional links you ahould have a better chance that they might have the test you need.

These links should be used for verification to your own answers. It is prohibited by the school to copy directly from the test, but these sites could help if  you are uncertain of your own answers.

Go to these sites at your own risk, I have nothing to do with these sites, so they may or may not have the answers you seek. But, all of the sites show several test possibilities. Please don't e-mail me asking to search for you, I will delete such requests, I have several people in the past that have, and I don't have the time to do the research for you. From time to time the sites shut down and pulled, I will do my best to make sure that the links I send are working links. If  they don't have the answers you seek, I am sorry but that is also part of  the risk you will take.

I will be happy to e-mail this information for a [$5.00] $3.95 Fee, (this is a "limited time" price reduction). This will be a great savings, due to the fact that most sites I have found charge a minimum of $5.00 for each test.
The Penn Foster Answer Pay site claims to have over 2000 Penn Foster Test Answers. Once I receive your payment.

I will e-mail the links to you via your Email address that you place in the carts form below. Make sure you also understand that there will be a price of $3.95 or higher for each test you need from the Pay Site.

Thank you for your business.

This is for the Links to the Penn Foster Answer Sites
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